A Special Place Fitters Trained at Medi Master Class

The compression garment fitters at A Special Place are always interested in expanding their knowledge and skills by attending specialized training. On March 8, compression industry leader, Mediven, hosted master fitting class in Greensboro. Attending from A Special Place were fitters Jamela Hodgson and Deborah Gardener.

We were joined by other fitters from North Carolina and Virginia, as well as physical therapists and lymphedema specialists. We especially benefited from observing and participating in fittings for 2 patients with lymphedema in the arm, and 2 with lymphedema of the leg.

The class focused on decongestive therapy using Medi reduction kit – an alternative treatment to traditional bandaging. The reduction kit, customized in the clinic by a lymphedema therapist, allows the patient to participate in their own treatment, tightening the garment as needed to remove lymph fluid from the affected limb. Reduction kits are available for the arm, foot, lower leg, upper leg and knee and can be combined as needed for maximum effect.

Detailed training was provided in custom fitting flat knit lymphedema sleeves and gloves. Upper extremity lymphedema is especially common in women who have had lymph nodes removed from their underarm as part of breast cancer treatment.

An important factor in lymphedema treatment is the correct selection of fabric used in the compression garments. The class include an in depth discussion and demonstration of the available fabrics and their appropriateness for different stages of lymphedema – to balance comfort with efficacy.

While therapeutic benefit is always most important, Medi realized that aesthetics are also important for individuals who will have to wear compression garments every day. We were pleased to see options available for fun prints and colors that will compliment any wardrobe. These are no longer your grandmother’s stockings!

A Special Place offers a full line of Medi stockings and sleeves, fitted by trained consultants who will guide you to finding the perfect compression garment to treat vascular issues or Lymphedema. Any of these garments are covered by insurance. Book an appointment today for a private fitting.

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