Donning A Compression Sleeve

Graduated Compression Sleeves are the gold standard in treating mild to severe lymphedema. Many women experience lymphedema after breast surgery. If you have ever worn a sleeve, you know the challenge of putting it on! We will share a few tips and tricks to make donning your compression sleeve easier.

  1. Use the right moisturizer. Dry skin will drag against the sleeve, making it harder and more uncomfortable to put on. Many lotions, however, have ingredients that can compromise the elasticity of your sleeve and break it down faster. Make sure you use a moisturizer that is compatible with compression sleeves. We recommend Cutimed by Jobst. You may also use a prosthetic donning lotion, such as ALPS by Juzo, a silicone-based lotion that makes your arm slick, allowing the sleeve to slide on more easily.
  2. Use the correct technique. It may seem natural to gather up the sleeve from the top, like you would a pair of pantyhose. However, this only increases the compression at the wrist, making it almost impossible to get over your hand and up your arm. Try this method instead: Fold the sleeve inside out in half, Insert your hand through the wrist portion of the sleeve up to the elbow. Then fold the sleeve back right side out up the rest of your arm.
  3. Use donning aids. \”Slippy Sleeves\” are a slick nylon material that can help you slide your sleeve up your arm. Butlers are solid metal frames that attach to a table or dresser and hold the sleeve outstretched while you insert your arm. These aids can make donning a compression garment a snap.

Watch Malissa demonstrate how to use the butler:

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