How Much Are Your Wigs?

When shopping for a wig, we understand that you have a lot of concerns. Will it look natural? Are they comfortable? Can I find my personal style or color? What is the price?

A Special Place specializes in custom-fit wigs and hairpieces. Our process is highly individualized. Our certified consultants take into account your unique situation, preferences, lifestyle, head shape and size, hair color and style. As a result, each wig is like a piece of art uniquely tailored to you.

Customers often ask us why we don\’t quote prices for the wigs featured on our website. Due to the highly customized nature of our wigs, we can only give exact price quotes after a consultation, as the price will depend on the hair type and cap features you choose, and the amount of customization required. We receive many phone calls asking for a \”ballpark\” price. Again, there is such a range of features and options, and without knowing what will meet your specific needs, it is not easy to tell you what price range you will best suit you. To meet the wide range of needs and budgets, we offer 3 package types:


Our Value Collection features nice quality, value-priced wigs designed for costume or everyday fashion wear, available in both realistic and fantasy colors.  Each wig from this collection comes with our Expert Consultation and a free bang trim. Cutting, styling and alterations are available for an additional fee. These wigs are considered non-medical, so we do not file insurance claims, though you are welcome to submit your receipt to your insurer for considerations


Our most popular wigs available in high-quality synthetic and heat-friendly fibers feature caps designed for maximum comfort and naturalness. Our Signature Custom Wig Service* is included with each of our Signature Collection Wigs.


Synthetic ($399-$999) – From Europe, you won\’t believe how soft and lightweight these synthetic fibers are!

Blends ($499-$1499)– The best of both worlds – luxurious blends of human hair and heat friendly synthetic fibers create styles that are as beautiful as they are easy to wear.

Human Hair  ($799-$2999) and up – Soft, natural and versatile, human hair is the ultimate luxury.

European Human Hair -($1999 and up) – When only the best will do, European Hair is the the rarest and finest textured hair in the world!


All of our signature and couture wigs include our custom service, valued at over $200, including the consultation, cutting and styling, size alterations and a free 30 day follow up. Additional customization, such as custom coloring, adding liners or clips, perms, etc. may cost extra, and we will give you an exact quote on the services before you order.

Services are not included on value wigs or clearance and close-outs, but are available for an additional fee.


If you have very specific needs, we also offer custom made human hair wigs and hairpieces – which can be created to your exact specifications.  These one of a kind creations are more costly and take about 12 weeks to make.  Each one is a unique work of art. Therefore, custom wigs are the ideal solution for hard to fit sizes with long term hair loss needs. Ask your consultant for a custom quote!

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