How to Style Your Wig on a Styrofoam Head

Styling Your Wig on a Styrofoam Head

If you want to style your wig at home – do it the easy way with a styrofoam head!  In this facebook live video, we demonstrated how to secure the wig for styling, curling or flat ironing.  (Update – in the video we mentioned our shop on State St.  We have now moved to N. Elm St. in Greensboro!)

Why Use a Styrofoam Head?

Have you ever tried to style your wig at home?  Do you wonder if you should style it on your head or off?

Styling a wig off of your head is much easier because:

  1. You can easily reach the back and sides of the wig.
  2. You don’t have to hold your hands or tools in awkward positions.
  3. You can secure the wig to the head with pins to keep it from sliding around while working on it.  (Please, do not pin the wig to your own head!)

What Do You Need?

How do you prepare your wig so that you can brush, curl or flat iron your wig without it moving around?   You could get a canvas block and tripod like the pros do – but for less expensive options that works great at home, you will need the following tools:

Styrofoam head

Suction Cup Stand


These supplies will cost less than $20.

Styrofoam heads come in different sizes so choose one that matches the size of your wig so as not to stretch it out.  The suction cup stand is designed to support the styrofoam head.  This stand has a large suction base and a post that will go into the hole on the bottom of the head.  You can suction it onto a table, counter, or sink top – any smooth surface – without damaging your work surface.

Did You Know?

Styrofoam heads come in different sizes.
It is important to use the right size so the wig sits correctly and does not get stretched out!

Securing Your Wig to the Styrofoam Head

Position your wig on the styrofoam head, taking care to line it up – placing the hairline, nape and ear tabs evenly where they belong.  Since the styrofoam head has a face, you should be able to easily see where the wig should go.   Next you will want to secure the wig to the head using T-Pins.  Usually, you will place a pin in each ear tab and one in the nape. You may want to place a a pin in the crown.

A word of caution – do not put pins in delicate hand-tied areas of the wig – lace fronts or mono tops.  Place your pins the the sturdier machine made areas.  This will prevent the the wig from ripping.  If you have a 100% hand-tied wig, look for areas reinforced with silicone or polyurethane to place your pins.

You can also pin a partial hairpiece to a styrofoam head.  Place it like you would on your own head – making sure the front and back are placed correctly.  Put the pins through machine made areas or through the clips

Once your wig is pinned to the head and the suction cup is adhered to your work surface, you are ready to grab your styling tools and get to work.

Tips and Tricks

When not in use, push your T-Pins into the neck of the styrofoam head.
Styrofoam heads are also great for setting your wig in hot rollers!
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