FAQ #10 – When Is the Best Time to Shop for a Wig?

We are counting down our to 10 most frequently asked questions at A Special Place. Let\’s start with #10 – When is the Best Time to Shop for a Wig?

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may wonder when is the best time to shop for a wig, before or after you lose your hair? Learn some when you should schedule your wig fitting to ensure you get the best fit and most natural-looking wig!

The experts at A Special Place believe the best time to shop for a wig before you lose your hair so that your fitter can evaluate your hair. This allows us to see your style and color, as well as your texture and curl pattern. This information helps us recommend the best options for you.

Coming in for your fitting before treatment starts has other advantages as well. Once you start treatment, you may not feel well…so it is easier to shop for a wig while you have more energy. Not waiting until hair loss begins also allows you to feel less rushed when shopping, and prevents making hasty decisions. If we need to special order a style or color for you, it gives you some extra time as well.

You may be concerned about trying on wigs while you still have your hair. Will you be able to get the best fit? It is true that wigs will not look and fit exactly the same while you still have hair. That is where shopping for a wig with an expert fitter will help. We always start by measuring your head. This allows us to get the true size of your head without hair. We can also help you visualize what the final result will be once the wig is customized and properly fitted. We offer free follow up fittings, so you can come in after your hair is gone and we can make any last-minute adjustments for that perfect fit.

If you have very long or very voluminous hair, it may not be possible to try on wigs before hair loss. In this case, we recommend coming in for a consultation before you lose your hair. We can still do measurements and evaluate style and color. Then once you cut or lose your hair, we can have wigs ready for you to try on.

What if you\’ve already lost your hair? We can still help you shop for a wig! Bring in photos of yourself with your desired hairstyle and color, and if you have a lock of your hair, bring that as well for color matching. You can also fill out our online intake form and upload photos to help us see exactly what you are looking for!

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