What Should I Do With My Wig?

What should I do with my wig once my hair grows back?

Whether you’ve experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy or another medical condition, it is exciting to finally have enough hair to go without your wig! 

Is your wig still in great condition?  You may wonder what you should do with your wig once you no longer need it. Let us suggest several options!

Keep wearing it!

Even though you do not need to wear a wig doesn’t mean you can’t.  Wigs make a great option for fun, fashion, vacation, a change of style or color, costume or bad hair days.  You might want to keep your wig and wear it whenever you want.

Turn It Into a Hair Piece

Wigs can be altered to make a hairpiece or extensions you can use to supplement your new growth.

If you wear a pixie cut or a short bob, you can cut out the top of your wig, add clips and use it to add fullness and length to the top of your head while it grows out.

Do you wear a longer style, add clips to the bottom of your wig and use it as an extension or “fall” to add instant volume and length.

Talk to your wig specialist to see if your wig can be converted into a hairpiece.

Share It

Do you have a friend or family member experience hair loss?  A well- cared for wig can make a thoughtful and personal gift!

Donate It

There are many great charitable organizations that collect and share gently used wigs with those in need.  Check with the American Cancer Society and local cancer hospitals to see if they accept donations.  Wigs can also be donated to schools or theater groups.  If the organization is a non-profit, they may be able to provide you with a receipt to use as a tax deduction.


At A Special Place, we accept gently used wigs, wash and restyle them and donate them to Alamance Regional Hopsital.  Their volunteers distribute them to chemotherapy patients in need.

Sell It

If your wig is in great condition, you may be able to sell it.  The best options are ebay or a wig buy/sell/trade group.  There are several facebook groups where you can offer your wig for sale.

Store It

If you are unsure what you want to do with your wig at this time, you can store it.  First, detangle and wash and condition it.  You may want to have it professionally cleaned.  Make sure the wig is completely dry before you store it. 

Turn the wig inside out and roll long hair into the cap.  Place the wig in a satin bag, a Ziploc bag ( with some air left inside for cushion), or it’s orginal box.  Store in a moisture free environment.


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