Top 5 Wig Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Shopping for a wig, especially for the first time, might seem daunting – but it can  be a  positive experience if you avoid these top 5 mistakes than many new wig wearers make:

Buying Without Trying

Wigs are a very personal item – the same wig will look very different from person to person. Pictures online or in a catalog will not allow you to determine the quality, fit, comfort, naturalness or true color.  Don’t waste your time and money – a wig is an item you should buy in person!

Waiting Until the Last Minute

If you are told to expect hair loss due to chemotherapy, or need a wig for a special occasion, start shopping right away. This will give you time to make a decision without undue pressure, to order if the perfect item is not in stock, and to have your wig customized.   

Wearing Hair Straight From the Box

Did you know the wigs are designed to be slightly larger, longer and thicker than average, so that they can be cut, sized and thinned to your exact needs. Out of the box, a wig is going to look “wiggy”. When trying on wigs, use your imagination to envision the finished look when the wig is customized for you.

Enlisting the Wrong Help

Bringing a close friend or family member, even your hair stylist – can help you feel more confident when selecting a wig.  Choosing the wrong support person, or bringing too many people – can have the opposite effect, making the process overwhelming and stressful. When inviting someone to accompany you, ask yourself – Will this person offer me constructive, positive feedback? Is this the person I would take with me to select a dress for a special occasion, or consult if I was considering changing my hair style? Will they support my final choice, even if they have a different opinion?

Focusing on the Outside

When we think of our hair, we immediately think of the style and the color. However, these are only 2 components of a wig. Hair Fiber, Cap Construction and Size are the other 3 “Inside” components that will greatly affect the naturalness and comfort of your wig. Make sure you are taking all 5 features into consideration to choose a wig that looks and feels great!