Join the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Cancer is a terrible and frightening diagnosis – but when a child has cancer, that fear is unimaginable. While none of us enjoy thinking about this terrible disease, awareness is the first step toward finding a cure. Here\’s what you should know:

Over 250,000 New Cases of Childhood Cancer Are Diagnosed Each Year

That\’s almost 700 new cases per day, or close to 1 new case per minute. Each one of those cases is a real person under the age of 20. The numbers are staggering.

Childhood Cancer is the Leading Cause of Death of Children in the US

Every day 250 children lose their lives to cancer. The good news is, long term survival rates keep on increasing, but for many children, these advances in science come too late. That is why our support is vital.

Childhood Cancer Is Devastating to a Family

The emotional trauma of watching a child fight cancer is obvious. But childhood cancer can also wreak financial hardship on a family. Families often have to travel for treatment, missing work and paying for transportation and hotels, as well as childcare for other children. These families need our support!

You Can Help

Join the fight against childhood cancer! Your donations fund research that can save lives and support families and children who are fighting cancer. Host a fundraiser. One of our favorite charities is Alex\’s Lemonade Stand, which raises millions of dollars to further childhood cancer research. Check out their website: to learn how you can get involved. Support St. Jude\’s Children\’s Hospital ( provides free healthcare to children with cancer. Donate to Ronald McDonald House (, which provides free lodging for families who must travel for cancer treatment. A Special Place proudly supports Children With Hair Loss ( in providing free wigs to children with hair loss due to cancer treatment and other medical causes. You can donate your hair or funds to help a child in need.

child Support awareness of childhood cancer

Join A Special Place today in supporting the search for a cure!