Face Shapes – What’s The Deal?

Face Shape - What Is It?

Face shapes – what’s the deal?  You may have read a lot about choosing the right wig for your face shape.  Sounds simple, but for many, all the information just leaves them more confused.  So, let’s simplify it!


face shape guide

Not a Rule - Just a Guide

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First and foremost, remember that face shapes are just a guide.  In the end, you should choose the wig that makes you feel fabulous!  Often, we are naturally drawn to hair styles that work best with our face shape – so trust your instinct more than a chart.


That doesn’t mean learning about face shapes is pointless…it can be a great guide, or starting point if you’re new to wigs or thinking of changing up your style.  

Understanding the shapes can also help you select the right clothes, eyeglasses, and make up application techniques.

So let’s get started…

Know Your Face Shapes

Most experts agree that there are 7 basic face shapes.  Some sources may include more or less shapes. Many shapes are just variations on the main 7.  Some sources may use different names for the shapes as well.  

There are several things we look at to determine face shape. One is the proportion of the face, is it longer than it is wide, or are those 2 measurements almost equal.  Is the widest part the forehead, cheek bone or jawline?  Are the features softer and rounder or more angular?

Three of the shapes are longer than they are wide. They are:

1. Oval

The oval face is sometimes referred to as the “ideal” shape.  It is slightly longer than it is wide, with very even and symmetrical proportions. 

The cheeks are slightly wider than the rest of the face, but not by much. Neither the forehead nor the chin is noticeably wide or prominent. 

Many notable celebrities have oval faces, including Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.

beyonce oval face shape
Beyonce Knowles - Oval Face Shape
Jennifer Anniston - Oval Face Shape

2. Oblong (or Rectangle)

Jennifer Garner - Oblong Face

Oblong faces tend to be more common with tall, lean athletically built individuals.

Famous examples of oblong faces are: Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler.

An oblong face is noticeably longer than it is wide, like the oval, just longer.

No part of the face is wider than the rest, and often the features and jawline is more angular. 

Sarah Jessica Parker - Oblong Face

3. Diamond

The Diamond shape face is similar to the oval, but with more prominent cheek bones and a narrow, pointy chin. 

Diamond shape faces are usually narrow, with delicate features.

Popular stars with a diamond shape faces are: Scarlett Johannson, Rihannah, Brandy, Megan Fox

Megan Fox - Diamond Face Shape
Scarlett Johannson - Diamond Face Shape

The next 2 face shapes are characterized by an almost equal width to height. 

4. Round

Kirsten Dunst - Round Face Shape

Round faces are have usually quite easy to identify as they are…round or circular.  

The round face is no taller than it is wide, and features full cheeks and a soft jawline, without a prominent chin or harsh angles.   

Notable celebrities with a round face: Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Oprah Winfrey

Selena Gomez - Round Face Shape

5. Square

The square face is also easy to identify.  Just like the round face, it is the same height and width.  The difference is the square face is more angular with a stronger more pronounced jawline.

Stars with a square face include Olivia Wilde, Lucy Liu, Paris Hilton and Emily Deschenel           

Lucy Liu - Square Face Shape
Emily Deschanel - Square Face Shape

The last 2 face shapes are not dependent on height vs. width, but rather have to do with which part of the face is widest.  Both of these faces are triangular in shape.

6. Heart Shape

Reese Witherspoon - Heart Shape Face

Hollywood notables with a heart shape face include: Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Sometimes called an inverted triangle a heart-shaped face is much wider at the forehead that it is the chin.  The chin is long, narrow and point – thus creating the heart shape.

In a truly heart-shaped face, a widow’s peak is present.  The heart shape is similar to the diamond, just with a wider forehead

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Heart Shape Face

7. Triangle Face Shape

Lastly we have the triangle or pear-shaped face.

The Pear face shape is distinguished by the wider jawline, with the lower half of the face being wider than the upper half.  

The Pear shape may have a more rounded chin, like Kelly Osbourne, or a more defined chin, like Megan Markle or Victoria Beckham.

Megan Markle - Triangle Face Shape
Kelly Osbourne - Triangle Face Shape

Only Seven Face Shapes?

Why do many find face shapes confusing?  Have you ever tried to determine your face shape and been unable to?  Have you ever looked at guides such as this one, and noticed the same celebrity listed as having more than one face shape?

This is not surprising, as human faces come in many sizes and shapes, and cannot be completely categorized into just 7 shapes. 

Some are truly a combination of 2 shapes. it is possible to be a “round heart”. Different angles can make your face shape appear different.  When ascertaining face shape, it is best to look at the face straight on.  Weight gain or loss can affect face shape.  

Don’t be discouraged, though.  In upcoming articles, we will discuss easy ways to determine your face shape and give you tips and tricks on choosing the right hair style, makeup and accessories!