Chemo with Confidence - A Free Class for Cancer Patients

A Special Place is excited to announce the launch of our new monthly class  – “Chemo with Confidence”.

This free educational seminar will cover the most frequently asked questions canceer patients have regarding managing effects of chemotherapy on their appearance. Our one-hour hands-on seminar will prepare you with the tools to let your confidence shine during chemo treatment.



  • Understanding the effects of chemotherapy treatment on appearance.
  • Choosing the right products for your face shape, color palette and style personality.
  • Selecting and styling headwear 
  • Finding wigs that are comfortable and natural
  • How to care for your skin
  • Make-up application tips
  • Options for Eyebrow and Eyelash Replacement
  • Understanding Insurance and Cost
  • Caring for and Styling New Hair Growth

Join Us May 23, 2024, 10:30 am

We invite you to attend the “Chemo with Confidence” class on May 23, 2024 at 10:30 am.  The class will last for 1 hour, and refreshments will be served.

The class is free and each attendee will receive a free gift bag with everything needed to participate in the event.

Reserve a spot at the class

This is a small group class, so we request that you reserve a space.  This allows us to

Click here to reserve your spot!