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Turban Tie


  • Show Stopper
  • Rolling Hills
  • Soothing Song
  • Nature's Waltz
  • New Direction
  • Graceful Gray
  • Shockwave
  • Crimson Satin
  • Glimpses of Light
  • Memories of Yesterday
  • Ornamental Beads
  • Sparkling Blues
  • Daisy Breaker
  • Ribbon Tropics
  • Denim Patch
  • A Painted Garden
  • Baby's Breath
  • Perfection
  • Garden View
  • Lady Leopard

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This versatile accessory offers simplicity and class. Simply tie and go. Designed to be worn with our Three Seam Turbans.

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Show Stopper, Rolling Hills, Soothing Song, Nature's Waltz, New Direction, Graceful Gray, Shockwave, Crimson Satin, Glimpses of Light, Memories of Yesterday, Ornamental Beads, Sparkling Blues, Daisy Breaker, Ribbon Tropics, Denim Patch, A Painted Garden, Baby's Breath, Perfection, Garden View, Lady Leopard


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