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Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch


  • RL2/4 Off Black
  • RL4/6 Black Coffee
  • RL5/27 Ginger Brown
  • RL6/8 Dark Chocolate
  • RL6/28 Bronzed Sable
  • RL6/30 Copper Mahogany
  • RL8/29 Hazelnut
  • RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut
  • RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut
  • RL11/25 Golden Walnut
  • RL12/16 Honey Toast
  • RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino
  • RL13/88 Golden Pecan
  • RL14/22 Pale Golden Wheat
  • RL14/22SS Shaded Golden Wheat
  • RL14/25 Honey Ginger
  • RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey
  • RL19/23 Biscuit
  • RL19/23SS Shaded Biscuit
  • RL29/25 Golden Russett
  • RL30/27 Rusty Auburn
  • RL31/29 Fiery Copper
  • RL32/31 Cinnabar
  • RL33/35 Deepest Ruby
  • RL29/33 Iced Pumpkin Latte
  • RL17/23SS Iced Latte Macchiato
  • RL10/22 Shaded Iced Cappuccino
  • RL9/24SS Iced Cafe Latte
  • RL8/12SS Iced Mocha
  • RL4/10SS Iced Java

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Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch is an amazingly natural appearing long, straight wig. Made of Tru2Life heat friendly synthetic hair, you can transform this to your favorite style, sleek and straight or with tons of gorgeous curls.

Scene Stealer features temple to temple lace front and a full, hand-tied monofilament top. The lace front creates a natural looking hairline and allows you to style hair off the face. The monofilament top creates the appearance of natural hair growth and allows you to change the part. And the open wefting in the cap creates better air ventilation, which provides more coolness on the scalp. It’s a breathable and lightweight wig for a more comfortable fit.

Product Weight: 5.75 oz
Collection: Freeform Sheer Indulgence Lace Front
Cap Size: Average
Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front Wig, Monofilament Top
Hair Type: Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wig
Ideal Face Shape: Heart, Oval, Round, Square
Approximate Length: Front 9.75″ | Crown 15″ | Sides 12.5″ | Back 12.5″ | Nape 15″

Additional information

Raquel Welch Tru2Life Colors

RL2/4 Off Black, RL4/6 Black Coffee, RL5/27 Ginger Brown, RL6/8 Dark Chocolate, RL6/28 Bronzed Sable, RL6/30 Copper Mahogany, RL8/29 Hazelnut, RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut, RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut, RL11/25 Golden Walnut, RL12/16 Honey Toast, RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino, RL13/88 Golden Pecan, RL14/22 Pale Golden Wheat, RL14/22SS Shaded Golden Wheat, RL14/25 Honey Ginger, RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey, RL19/23 Biscuit, RL19/23SS Shaded Biscuit, RL29/25 Golden Russett, RL30/27 Rusty Auburn, RL31/29 Fiery Copper, RL32/31 Cinnabar, RL33/35 Deepest Ruby, RL29/33 Iced Pumpkin Latte, RL17/23SS Iced Latte Macchiato, RL10/22 Shaded Iced Cappuccino, RL9/24SS Iced Cafe Latte, RL8/12SS Iced Mocha, RL4/10SS Iced Java


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