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Bella Scarf

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  • Bamboo Bubblegum Pink
  • Bamboo Burgundy
  • Bamboo Turquoise Blue
  • Blue Beige Dainty Floral
  • Blue Leopard Baroque
  • Blue Paisley Water Floral
  • Brown Tiger
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Chevron Atlantic Blue
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Dark Denim
  • Denim Swirl Floral
  • Green Water Floral
  • Heather Blue Black
  • Heather Gray
  • Hot Pink Mandala
  • Ivory Gold Baroque
  • Mauve Watercolor Floral
  • Multi Stripe Floral Paisley
  • Multi-Colored Paisley
  • Navy
  • Navy Beige Geometric
  • Navy Blue White Floral
  • Olive Green Abstract
  • Pink Red Medallion
  • Plisse Black White Paisley
  • Plisse Blue Beige Abstract
  • Plisse Blue Beige Ikat
  • Plisse Coral Peach Floral
  • Plisse Hot Pink
  • Plisse Multi-Color Paisley
  • Plisse Navy
  • Plisse Patchwork Blue
  • Plisse Patchwork Coral
  • Plisse Pearl Pink
  • Plisse Purple Spiral Dot
  • Plisse Red
  • Plisse Red Polka Swirl
  • Plisse Rose Pink
  • Plisse Silver Gray
  • Plum Gray Paisley
  • Purple Iris Medallion
  • Purple Snakeskin
  • Raven Black
  • Red Gold Latika Paisley
  • Royal Blue Swirl
  • Seafoam Abstract Ikat
  • Tropical Blue Sunset
  • White Palm Sunrise

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The Bella Scarf is made specifically for women undergoing hair loss. If you’re looking for a product that is easy to wear & fashionable, the Bella Scarf would be a perfect fit. Our Bella’s are pre-formed and fuss free! No tying needed, just slip on and go! We offer our Bella’s in many prints & solids using either elegant Charmeuse or soft Jersey Knit fabrics from our Turban Plus Signature Fabric Collection. Each Bella Scarf is hand crafted in the USA, with only the best quality fabrics, workmanship & detail.

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Bella Colors

Bamboo Bubblegum Pink, Bamboo Burgundy, Bamboo Turquoise Blue, Blue Beige Dainty Floral, Blue Leopard Baroque, Blue Paisley Water Floral, Brown Tiger, Charcoal Gray, Chevron Atlantic Blue, Chocolate Brown, Dark Denim, Denim Swirl Floral, Green Water Floral, Heather Blue Black, Heather Gray, Hot Pink Mandala, Ivory Gold Baroque, Mauve Watercolor Floral, Multi Stripe Floral Paisley, Multi-Colored Paisley, Navy, Navy Beige Geometric, Navy Blue White Floral, Olive Green Abstract, Pink Red Medallion, Plisse Black White Paisley, Plisse Blue Beige Abstract, Plisse Blue Beige Ikat, Plisse Coral Peach Floral, Plisse Hot Pink, Plisse Multi-Color Paisley, Plisse Navy, Plisse Patchwork Blue, Plisse Patchwork Coral, Plisse Pearl Pink, Plisse Purple Spiral Dot, Plisse Red, Plisse Red Polka Swirl, Plisse Rose Pink, Plisse Silver Gray, Plum Gray Paisley, Purple Iris Medallion, Purple Snakeskin, Raven Black, Red Gold Latika Paisley, Royal Blue Swirl, Seafoam Abstract Ikat, Tropical Blue Sunset, White Palm Sunrise


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