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Insurance coverage can be complicated. Here’s what you should know:

Wigs (Cranial Prostheses)

Coverage for wigs is dictated by the terms of your individual policy. Some policies have wig coverage and others exclude them.
If wigs are covered, there are a number of factors that may determine if and how much will be paid, including:

-Maximum Quantity and Dollar Allowed Amounts and Limits
-Network Participation
-Deductible and Co-insurance
-Medical Necessity and Covered Diagnoses
-Pre-Authorization Requirements

Compression Garments

Most private insurance companies offer some coverage for compression garments. Medicare (and most Medicare supplements and replacement plans) do not cover compression for lymphedema.
Coverage and payment is determined by many factors, such as those listed above. Coverage for specialty garments, such as nighttime garments, may be limited.

A Special Place will help you understand your insurance coverage and provide you with an estimate of benefits and out-of-pocket costs before you make a purchase. For pre-authorized, in-network claims, you will only need to pay your deductible and co-insurance (if applicable), and for any non-covered items. We will file the claim for you. For out-of-network insurance companies, or for items we are unable to obtain pre-authorization for, you will pay for items upfront and we will help you submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurer.

Learn more about insurance coverage for wigs and compression garments! Please choose your insurance company below: