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Do I need an appointment?

For a wig fitting, yes. While we do accept walk-ins during regular business hours on a first-come, first-serve basis, you will not be able to try on wigs without the assistance of a fitter. Making an appointment assures that you will be able to be seen upon arrival without a long wait.

To learn more about our appointment and consultations policies, click here: https://aspecialplacewigs.com/faq-8-do-i-need-an-appointment/


Are your wigs only for cancer patients?
Not at all. We have wigs for every situation, including hair loss due to alopecia, female pattern baldness, trichotillimania or medication side effect. We also offer wigs and hairpieces for fun and fashion!
Which should I choose - human hair or synthetic?
Human hair wigs are popular because of their luxurious texture, styling versatility, and long lifespan. Just like your own hair, they can be styled with heated styling tools – curled or flat ironed. If you want long (shoulder length or longer), we highly recommend human hair, as it holds up much longer and resists frizzing.
Many women prefer synthetic wigs because of their lower cost and easy maintenance. Most synthetics – especially the shorter styles – feature shake-and-go styling. Just put it on in the morning and go!
What is the difference in cap construction?
The cap construction refers to the material used to create the base, and how the hair is attached to the base:
A “Standard Cap” is the least expensive type of cap. The hairs are sewn onto the base with a machine.
A “Capless” wig is also a less expensive type of cap, made with hair machine-sewn onto thin wefts that make the wig lighterweight and allow more airflow to the scalp for a cooler, more comfortable fit.
A “Monofilament” wig features a transparent mesh top with hairs individually hand-sewn, so that the wearer’s own scalp shows through, thus creating the appearance of hair growing natural from your own head.
A “Hand-tied” wig, also called a cranial prosthesis, is a wig designed specifically for medical hair loss. The entire wig features hairs hand-sewn onto a soft, mesh base – which is designed to be supurbly comfortable against a bare scalp. Hand-tied wigs are noticeably lighterweight than traditional wigs and incredibly natural in appearnace.
Should I Shop For a Wig Before or After I Lose My Hair?

If you are anticipating hair loss, perhaps due to chemotherapy treatment, you may wonder if it’s best to shop for a wig before you lose your hair, or whether you will get a better fitting once your hair is gone. With most chemotherapy treatments, you can expect hair loss 10-14 days after you’re first treatment. 

We recommend shopping before you lose your hair for several reasons:

  1. It gives you more time to shop and make a selection. If you wait until your hair is gone you may feel rushed and make a hasty decision
  2. It allows your fitter to view your current style and color to make a better match.
  3. If a wig must be ordered, you have time for it to come in before your hair loss begins. 
  4. Chemotherapy can be draining, and it can be easier to shop before treatment when you’re feeling your best. 

But, how will you know if the wig will fit if you still have your hair?

It’s true, the wig will not sit on your head exactly the same way it will once your hair is gone. That’s where having an expert can help. We take measurements so we know the size you will need after you lose your hair. We can help you wrap your hair flat to your scalp to make trying on the wigs easier. You will have to use your imagination a little bit to visualize how the wig will look once it sits more closely to your head- especially if you have very thick and/or long hair.  In rare cases, if your hair style is particularly voluminous, it will not be possible to try on wigs while you still have your hair.

If you have already begun losing, or have completely lost your hair, we can still help you find a wig. We recommend you bring in photos of your desired style and color. If you saved a lock of your hair, bring that as well. Let your fitter know your time schedule, when you need the wig, so we can possibly find you something you can take home right away. 

Regardless of your situation, our goal is to make wig shopping easy! Call us today for a free consultation!



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