New Year – New You – January Wig Makeover

New Year New You Makeover

Do you have an old wig in your closet you haven’t worn in a while? Have you been wearing the same style for too long, and think it might be time for a change? Are you ready for a makeover?  Then we have great news for you – A Special Place is sponsoring our annual […]

Top 5 Wig Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Shopping for a wig, especially for the first time, might seem daunting – but it can  be a  positive experience if you avoid these top 5 mistakes than many new wig wearers make: Buying Without Trying Wigs are a very personal item – the same wig will look very different from person to person. Pictures […]

Alopecia Awareness

Alopecia (pronounced al-oh-PEA-sha) simply means hair loss. It can refer to a number of conditions that cause partial to total hair loss. Types of Alopecia Alopecia Areata Alopecia Areata is a hair-loss disease that affects men, women and children. Although not completely understood, Alopecia areata is generally believed to be an autoimmune condition which causes […]

Hair Loss Journeys – Charlotte Freeman

August is Hair Loss Awareness Month. At A Special Place, we know that hair loss isn’t limited to one month. For some it is a temporary condition, caused by hormones, medication or cancer treatment. For others, it becomes a permanent situation. Hair loss has many causes, and affects each person differently. This month, we would […]

Building a Hair Loss Wardrobe

Planning Your Hair Loss Wardrobe You’ve been told you are going to lose your hair. Now what? The good news is, today there are more options than ever before. If you think wigs are hot, itchy or unnatural, think again! The latest technology in wig design is lighter weight, cooler, and incredibly natural. Make sure […]

Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss – Where to Start

The wig experts at A Special Place have helped hundreds of women (and men and children!) through this process! We have had the training, we have done the research, and we have perfected a process to help you find the perfect solution for your situation.

Abonita Scarves – Beautiful and Versatile

We love finding beautiful, practical headwear options for women with hair loss. One of our favorite headscarves, Abonita, is not only stylish and comfortable, but a great value. Lightweight cotton with a built-in headband allows you to create your own custom fit. With 5 different ways to wear it on its own, as well as […]

What could a little more hair do for you?

Is your hair fine, limp or thin? Have you ever wished for just a little more volume? Has your hair thinned with age? Many women wish they had thicker, more voluminous hair. Late night infomercials showcase lotions, potions and powders that claim to make your hair look fuller, but the results are rarely as promised. […]